300 people, 4 centres round the world. Collaborations to build great products.

They are excited about what can be done in health.


It’s so important to be authentic. Ctrl group – Wearables, Babylon Health, Echo – hacking the service to get prescriptions delivered locally, Dr Focused – to minimise the amount of note taking in order to focus more on patient care.

‘Move fast and break things’ – but this has to be adapted in health as ‘breaking’ things definitely has limits. Patients, clinicians and designers together can achieve great things.

It’s not easy but by building bridges is key. Collaboration is more than just joint stakeholders – it’s sharing all the problems. Everyone has to care equally about each aspect.



They wanted to help people to cope with their mental health better. Depression may become the number one cause of mental disability by 2030. This is something they are passionate about.

The biggest challenge of any health app is to ‘hide the vegetables in the meal.’ This is what Ustwo did with Moodnotes. They managed to build the products in a very quick timescale.

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