Is this the future of patient centered healthcare records? is a new resource for patients to keep complete control of their records in a secure way. It seems like a fantastic idea but the key will be uptake. Do enough patients feel empowered enough to take control? or are we still living in too paternalistic an age?

Google is not going to replace your doctor – yet | Celine Gounder | Opinion | The Guardian



One thing is for sure now there is no going back. Brexit is irreversible and as a nation we need to really push forward with being innovative, courageous and entrepreneurial or it will have been for nothing

Nasoendoscopy the future of gastroscopy? 

Fuji definitely think so with this addition brought to the UK market by Aquilant. No sedation, only one nurse and can be done standing up. Seems like a win win to me from a diagnostic point of view but no role in therapeutics yet.

Pill cams of the future 

This could be how pill cams work in the future. Like an atm. I think it’s someway off yet but one day should be possible with advances in robotics

An Indian Legend

​Dr Nageshwar Reddy of Hyderabad. This guy is a legend. Gave the best talk I’ve ever seen on innovation in endoscopy today at #BSG2016. Lots of challenges but many lessons can be learned. Endo live hyderabad seems very interesting. 

Liverpool Eye

Not quite as large  as London’s but it fits with the sheek city centre of Liverpool #BSG2016 rocks 

This is very interesting

Massively divided. Young people (the under 60’s) are keener for video consultations than older patients but not by any means all of them #eachtotheirown at the moment.