Which programming language should I learn first? 


I literally love thus. It’s awesome. Well done Carl Cheo

Pinipa @ #NHSClinEnt explained by the founder @faithforster and our very own @harryt2k

Harry Thirkettle (clinical entrepreneur) and Faith Forster (founder) explain Pinipa.

Faith explained her background of going into dangerous places and shared her experiences and lessons from being an entrepreneur.

Lesson 1: Take a user led approach

Lesson 2:product market fit is hard

Lesson 3:be careful what advice you listen to

Lesson 4:Team is critical

Lesson 5:Take care of yourself

Useful resources she has found for entrepreneurs: thepathforward.io, saastr.Com, medium.com and motioncapital.com.

Then Harry took over to take us through the platform. Video link (https://youtu.be/YA-0bgl8u08)

Finally: My two favourites from Expo 2016

My Clinical Outcomes

As someone who was the first doctorpreneur I ever discovered and who is a genuine and honest guy. Tim Williams has helped me more than he realises at an early stage on my doctorpreneur journey. What he is doing with @myclinoutcomes is great and we need more of it. It’s only by measuring the metrics of health that we can feed back into the learning cycle and make sure we don’t waste effort (ie. think lean) but more importantly patients will be protected from harm. (Tim to the left). Lorie his analyst and Joe Mcdonald chair of the clinical CCIO network are to the right.

I want great care

In the middle is Neil Bacon. I had heard of Neil before and have even once for some reason been asked if I had founded doctors.org.uk! (apparently many have claimed to be the founder. If you are one of the other founders I would love to hear from you…)

Talking to Neil was like talking to an even more vivacious and talkative me! His passion for what he is doing shines through and I have to say what he is doing with Iwantgreatcare.org is fantastic. I signed up straight away and so should all doctors. What you might think is just a ‘trip advisor’ or ‘checkatrade’ for Healthcare is actually a powerful feedback and analytics platform that enhances patient safety and outcomes. If you use it you WILL be helping your patients!!!

That’s it from me from NHS EXPO 2016. It’s been a great conference. Next up GIANT health con November!


More interesting tech at NHS Expo 2016


This is a really cool sensor system that is brilliant ad it is so simple yet massively effective. The founder Lawrence, is a legend and is doing great things via Southamptons catalyst programme. Watch this space! If I had money to invest I would invested in this.


Used by Shafi Ahmed in London this is a neat peice of kit using Google glass to transmit the wearers vision to a computer. The images can then be annotated or altered to be used in teaching etc. With the Google glass version 1 no longer available and a time lag for its successor and at £300/month this is potentially a very nice little training tool in the right context at the moment. It is certainly fun to play with.

PA consulting’s offerings 

PA consulting have introduced these products at the expo. This is a new probe for measuring Barretts oesophagus through the scope. It was next to the cytosponge but for some reason that had disappeared today. Both very promising innovations in my specialty (gastro) for Barrett’s surveillance.


TED has finally landed in the NHS. This proves people are gradually catching the vision. Bring it on…!

New tools to market at Expo 2016

This beauty could revolutionise the admission of chest pain. It can more accurately diagnose ACS AND unstable angina in just 3 minutes in the ED. It’s currently going through studies to validate it but I can see it being very successful as it’s price point is only around £100k and it could save NHS trusts millions.

Creavomedtech only just formed. Based in Leeds with a strong support structure, good corporate backing and strong technical expertise linked to the university I think this is one to watch!

Early Sense

This platform by early sense could be useful for patients with dementia as a way to monitor them remotely. However, there are lots of cheaper bed alarms. At £3500 a bed I think this products USP is the monitoring rather than anything else.


This is not a new technology but it’s beginning to scale. Portable theatres and endoscopy units could help some hospitals who have capacity issues. This polentally also has a role in major incident management.


This is a context based health platform. More advanced than a normal EPR (electronic patient record) system. This uses AI to filter the data and produce a useful record. This tool is FANTASTIC, but they have not yet broken into the NHS because their marketing strategy is wrong. It took me ages to get what they are actually doing and I think thats why they are struggling here. THIS IS A PATIENT SAFETY TOOL NOT A ‘CONTEXTUALISATION’ ONE. If you read this then get in contact because I think I can help you.

There are many more innovative solutions here but these ones caught my eye. To see more visit the EXPO website.