Finally: My two favourites from Expo 2016

My Clinical Outcomes

As someone who was the first doctorpreneur I ever discovered and who is a genuine and honest guy. Tim Williams has helped me more than he realises at an early stage on my doctorpreneur journey. What he is doing with @myclinoutcomes is great and we need more of it. It’s only by measuring the metrics of health that we can feed back into the learning cycle and make sure we don’t waste effort (ie. think lean) but more importantly patients will be protected from harm. (Tim to the left). Lorie his analyst and Joe Mcdonald chair of the clinical CCIO network are to the right.

I want great care

In the middle is Neil Bacon. I had heard of Neil before and have even once for some reason been asked if I had founded! (apparently many have claimed to be the founder. If you are one of the other founders I would love to hear from you…)

Talking to Neil was like talking to an even more vivacious and talkative me! His passion for what he is doing shines through and I have to say what he is doing with is fantastic. I signed up straight away and so should all doctors. What you might think is just a ‘trip advisor’ or ‘checkatrade’ for Healthcare is actually a powerful feedback and analytics platform that enhances patient safety and outcomes. If you use it you WILL be helping your patients!!!

That’s it from me from NHS EXPO 2016. It’s been a great conference. Next up GIANT health con November!


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