More interesting tech at NHS Expo 2016


This is a really cool sensor system that is brilliant ad it is so simple yet massively effective. The founder Lawrence, is a legend and is doing great things via Southamptons catalyst programme. Watch this space! If I had money to invest I would invested in this.


Used by Shafi Ahmed in London this is a neat peice of kit using Google glass to transmit the wearers vision to a computer. The images can then be annotated or altered to be used in teaching etc. With the Google glass version 1 no longer available and a time lag for its successor and at £300/month this is potentially a very nice little training tool in the right context at the moment. It is certainly fun to play with.

PA consulting’s offerings 

PA consulting have introduced these products at the expo. This is a new probe for measuring Barretts oesophagus through the scope. It was next to the cytosponge but for some reason that had disappeared today. Both very promising innovations in my specialty (gastro) for Barrett’s surveillance.


TED has finally landed in the NHS. This proves people are gradually catching the vision. Bring it on…!

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