Novel Imagers / VR kit

In the last couple of weeks I have been contacted by several people who have designed various gadgets for Medical VR/interaction. They are iridescent imaging, VIZR, D-EYE and Gesturetek. 

First up Iridescent Imaging 

Mitch Downey founded this company to create fantastic small and life-size VR projections.m  see more images here:  The technology looks fantastic but as you might expect it isn’t cheap. I can really see how these might be useful for virtual clinics, particularly in specialties where walking in front of the doctor is a key part of the exam: ie. Rheumatology / Neurology. However, a remarkable product needs a great website and this is something that needs a bit of work. 

Then there is D-EYE

This thing looks excellent. It can effectively enable an ophthalmologist to diagnose a child remotely in another country using just their smartphone but more likely it will be a great clinic application. To be honest I want one on my emergency unit as it looks so easy to use but again these things are new and therefore costly.

Next up VIZR

This is more like a clinician assistant (like Google glass) they feel their user interface and information is more up to date. It looks like a smart gadget but as the video on the site demonstrates it is not entirely unobtrusive to the patient looking at the doctor

Time will tell whether there will be enough uptake. My feeling is that unfortunately for this device we are still several years away from IoT and the effects of Big Data having their full impact to help this device work. 

Finally we have

These guys are doing something a bit different. Trying to get physical controls to work for rehab /those with disabilities. Unfortunately the website is dire which is a shame as they have some really cool products like Irex-an upper and lower extremity training system. 

It looks like they are doing a great work in their niche. 

Note I have just started a medium blog as well and plan to integrate them later so watch this space. 

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