Another VC firm talk about improving #growth not #inflation

Healthcare services, Digital Health, Social Care, Medical products & Services are the four sectors they invest in.

They invest in high quality startups with scalability and the ability to save the healthcare service.


I then asked a question about how to penetrate the system and bring in change.

They feel that in the area of digital health there is going to be another healthcare economy outside the traditional one. The speed on progress and innovation is so great that the old system cannot keep up.

He feels any negotiations with the health service should start with healthcare economics.


By proving that costs will be cut either by efficiency savings or reduction of demand you can engage cash-strapped health services.

Apposite capital’s lifteime investments tend to be in larger companies who are already disrupting in health.

The best place to get seed capital is from rich friends/relatives. Then angel investors. If you choose the right angel you will do well. However, if you get a ‘bad’ angel they won’t be able to help you so much. Then next would be family offices. Grants and VCT’s – they see so many ideas they can help you refine your idea and decide whether or not it is worth pursuing.

The key for VC’s is growth. If you get a business up and running in a high growth sector a VC firm will be interested because even if the investment just keeps up there will ultimately be a good return on the investment. That is the biggest key for a VC firm and it is why the investments they make are so large.

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