Startup stage: Fundraising options

screenshot-2016-11-16-at-11-36-11A venture capital firm: Forward partners. Based in London explained what they could offer.

They are a VC firm who back very early-stage investments.

He discussed angel investing and other options,


Crowdfunding – 2-4 times what a VC




Accelerators – he doesn’t think these are so important

Grant money (get the free money first!)


Optimise your crowdfunding process. You need to think strategically. Getting the money is nor as important as getting it from the right source. List all your options and do your homework to make yourself ready. He talked about what investors are looking for.

Then he talked about why they are so excited about healthtechnology. It is a massive market (containing biotech and healthtech), eventually the two will fuse.

Trends they are interested in:

Mobile trends – people are constantly interacting with them and they are only going to grow as key connectors to customers.

IoT and Sensors – watches and beacons.

AI & Machine Learning – these analyse the data created by the sensors.

He gave the example of Amada in the US and their work with diabetes.facilities

Basically there is big money available for those who have the skill and imagination to build results.

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