GE: New Thinking in the Digital Health Ecosystem: Breaking down the silos #GiantHealthEvent

No company or individual is a silo. The internet has changed everything and it is all now connected


But what will happen when 50 billion machines become connected? Suddenly the data will show us the flow in the hospital, the results will be highlighted. The computers can detect problems and fix them.


This is the collision of the physical and analytical, brilliant machines with industrial amounts of data and people interacting with them.

We are heading towards a ‘colossal clash’ between the consumer health technology and clinical healthcare. The two worlds are both merging but also on a collision course with one another.


We are heading to an age where we want to rate everything. This is a consumerisation of healthcare. It will become the norm to rate your doctor online.

In the future nothing will be redundant. Everything will be rankable and in flux. We are heading towards an outcome driven world.


This is why GE are creating an open ecosystem cloud to host health applications because there is going to need to be a way to scale innovations quickly. This can provide a portal for developers to test their products quickly and get feedback.

There is no going back. Things are moving fast and GE want to be ready.

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