Partnership for change – What is your purpose? #GiantHealthTech

From the founder of Remington and Mallowstreet – Dawid Ahulu @Dawid1.

These companies are both about saving for retirement. Partnership for change is his latest company and is much more about societal change.

To a worm in a horseradish the world is a horseradish. If you work in finance you know about finance and everything is finance. However, in contrast with everything else this is just a small pale blue dot in a vast universe.


Why do I do what I do? Why did I get up this morning? He read Simon Sineks book: Start with Why and it changed his perspective. If you start with the purpose then it changes the whole gig.

He has been interviewing his parents the last few years to try and understand their why? He asked them what they would want now in life (in their 80’s). They wanted health, happiness and to stay at home.

Virgin Healthcare talk about health as 1) absence of pain, 2) having pleasure, 3) presence of purpose and 4) committed relationships.

Then he talked about: Dementia, Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes. The non-communicable diseases. Many organisations are trying to stop these things: technologists, healthcare staff, governments.

Savings technology. Oinky – moves your savings after working out your spending habits. This is another ‘horseradish’. Smart home-tech is another major field in another ‘horseradish’. Social-tech: Stitch for elderly people. Caring-tech: Cardiocity – using a sprayed substance on cars he managed to use it to detect people’s ECG patterns in an extremely cost efficient way!

His vision is for all these silo’s to connect and accomplish things together. That’s what partnership for change is about.

The ambidextrous organisation – one hand should be making the firm efficient at what it already does. The right hand should be innovating and looking for the next danger. This is what the finance industry is now looking at. Allianz and all sorts of massive finance sectors are interested in all this and they want to bring ‘purpose’ to their finance.

There is a why ecosystem and it’s important to work out where you fit into it.

The why revolution will involve integrating all these different aspects. They will all start to talk to one another.

There is also an extinction process going on. If you forget your just a pale blue dot then your in danger.

We are in the age of warp speed obsolescence.

There are ‘influencers’ but they will soon be replaced by millennials. They are connected, open, adaptable. They live in a ‘gig’ economy. People like Zuck and Bezois cross all the horseradish boundaries.

The world is changing. Figure out your why, broaden your horizons and chase your

You have to learn all the languages: finance, health, government, sustainability, civil society. Who are your 100 key influencers you need to meet in the next year? Meet them and build your network!

If you stay in your ‘horseradish’ and you don’t figure out who moved your cheese then you might be a dinosaur. If that is the case you might suffer the same fate.

Find your place.

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