Proximie – An NHS Clinicial Entrepreneur Startup


Proximie – augmented reality platform that allows surgeons/clinicians to collaborate in a AR platform.

Secure system – cloud based telesurgery. Allows you to work together locally and internationally. Crowdsourcing knowledge. Hardware agnostic. Virtually hands-on. Surgeons can reach the poorest from the richest areas.

AR is growing massively. What do the surgeons actually need? What does a consultant at home actually need?

They have now got some really diverse partnerships and have won some great awards.

She co-founded with a technical person and when they realised they were on to something they brought in a chairman and a director to make the team start to scale. It’s only when you have the idea, traction and team (with the right vision) that you can start to scale the business. They are now 25 strong! Good job!

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