Leo Innovation Labs Foundation #NHSClinEnt

When you take the Data, 3D printing, Health apps, DNA, Wearables, Partnerships.

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Exponential realities become obvious when it’s too late to react. Deceptive dissapointment is what comes before.


The problem comes where the lines cross over. By the time people realise the exponential tech is going to hit it’s too late. Between the technologies you find opportunity, chaos and amazement.

Leo pharma cam about to innovate and improve life for people living with a skin condition. It is a foundation not primarily focussed on profit.


They have a ‘traction-pipeline’ and a graveyard. They will kill any products that will not survive.

They always have the end user in mind. They listen to the small things

Either they will build solutions themselves, or they will invest in the best-in-class or they will curate and intermediate products.

They are looking for tech, data, service and solutions & talent. These are the things they look for when making an investment. Even if the tech and data was fantastic they would not invest in it without the right team.


When you start ‘early partnering’ can be a dangerous thing. You need to prove you have a case before you start getting investment. Investors will cost you heavily unless they know they are backing a winner.

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